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Her marriage failed due to domestic violence. And when it failed, she sought solace in the hands of her brother- in-law. One thing led to another. They moved in …


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Comment (22)

  1. Even by the way she is toking the woman is full of wisdom,,,,ao walokutusi Ni makasiriko ya kwao waliwa wanakutolea so just like Yu said better ignore,,,,Yu going far woman since Yu repented en God likes such character,,,,,

  2. One thing i said i will never judge anyone because of what she/he have ever done or does. I have been in many situations but only God brought me out of those situations…I like your courage gal….Kagoni i love your shows, your wisdom is of high standard.

  3. After age 18, I give a person a grace period of up to age 24 to mature, but after that age, such kid of behavior, always know you are a demon. Only God can approve your actions, either he forgive you or he curse you. Public has no power to justify your inner person.

  4. Apology for what, Aba. This a real African woman, some men are absolutely nuisance and hurting. She would have chosen to quit the family in totality but chose the brother to help his brother. Dead or alive the kind of decision she took is commendable. That was not an adulterous affairs at all, be a brother' s keeper applies here perfectly fine.

  5. Jesus christ I did not know this can happen . I live in England and work with two sisters who says that they are sister as per their mothers but first cousin on fathers side. I have been finding it impossible such to happen though my sister have acused me of having taken her boyfriend before man and God I can swear that I have never even sat on a opposite table with the so called boyfriend. Which to me Is impossible. It makes me wait for the day of judgement . For God is just.. .I have told her never to attend my burial if I die before her .pepo nyusi. Will share my story one day.

  6. People yapping oh she's forgiven, not really sure, remember even Moses never reached to Canaan even though he was forgiven,, so once you mess you will pay heavily with your generation This is total mess, ata uombe msamaha your generation is cursed ,whether you apologize to the whole world, you ruined other children'slive and can never be reversed!!

  7. Weeeell,it's surely not an apology, it's an advertisement to a farm project.
    Good job Stella, let's work hard, where is this project? Are you giving seeds at a Discount?
    You are a strong girl and a fighter.


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