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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. Is this what The World Coming Too ?? , Who Cares Who Snitch’N .. Half of Y’all Got Family Problems , Talmbout ( Da Code ) , Code Deez Nut’s , Y’all Newyork People Are Bored & Weird ..

  2. Big K ain't no monster he's mediocre-at-best he can be very good at his height but I'm sure somebody gave him that Audi boom angle and another rapper would have done it way better I mean Big K did the bare minimum angle wise

  3. If anyone is wondering you can invest in Burger Fi , the stock ticker is $Opes because opes acquisition is purchasing and merging with them in the next month or few months possibly. The price is 16-17 right now and I guarantee if you buy now you will not regret it. This will be $100 or more in less than 2 years. Or Buy it hold it and sell it in a few months for more than 100% easily.

  4. 13 ass ahbi boom fans disliked this lmao y’all some feather weight haters. Ahdi ain’t never been lyrically nice anyway. And now, he gots NO street credibility. Oh welp

  5. Peace of the Gods. I got to be honest and say I'm very surprised at Method Man's comments in regards to Big K snitching? Big didn't snitch. What Big K did was mate knowledge born. He revealed that witch snakes 10 percenters Etc conceal.

  6. If geechi Gotti was the one that exposed Ahdi boom would people still defend Ahdi boom or would method man call Gotti a snitch ? Gotti would check that nigga and it would turn crazy fast. One thing he said he won't allow someone to play with is to flat out accuse him of being a snitch. He can dance around the topic but you better not ever say geechi Gotti a snitch or last thing you gonna see is a lil 12 yr old crip with a smoking pistol

  7. This is the problem with making the “street” mainstream it’s an oxymoron. Snitching is when you tell incriminating details about another person resulting in legal issues or repercussions. Prime example I got into an argument wit a guy yesterday, mutual words and aggression was exchanged, some things happened, I won the altercation then he went to the leasing office and called the cops. The cops showed up 3 cars deep in front of my building but had no grounds to make an arrest. THATS snitching


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