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MICKEY FACTZ just put ROYCE DA 5 9 in a body bag in diss track/ ROYCE has to respond.

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Comment (29)

  1. Royce has yet to go directly at any of them…. Hop of Mickeys sack. He took 2 other peoples styles as well…. L M A O He checked one box. Yall simple.
    A common mistake amongst battle rap is a TRACK should only be about punchlines. This is why these other boys failed in the booth….Check boxes

  2. not sure what y'all were listening to but me and my homies were over here i think he got killed with just being mentioned twice if he comes with a whole song…mickey don't have a chance

  3. Ransom, Crook, Lloyd Banks, Joel Ortiz, Cassidy, Loaded Lux needs to jump into this battle and make it a royal rumble they were all mentioned during the begining of this beef. This all started over all these men arguing over who's better.

  4. I can see Royce not responding to this. Cause he allows people to test. But no way in hell is anyone coming at King Crooked like this. Crooked Eye is different.

  5. Mickey Turned into an assassin on this track. He try giving da man his "flowers" but he want in on "his casket". 1 of the best lyrical work of Mickey Factz life. Cortez Voice "Nasty"!


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