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Mike P Endz Saga This Was Bad Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. Truth, the pressure was in the moment. Sometimes guys are afraid of the moment. We see it all the time in sports, like a good free throw shooter stepping to the line near the end of a game and missing an important free throw(s). It happens.

  2. Mike P was crazy locked in! I can’t believe Saga dropped the ball like that! How the hell are you going too have a choke in the 1st fucking round?! It’s like since this was a free battle some people just didn’t give a fuck. Caffeine is about to drop the URL, just watch!

  3. Okay first off truth we not going to do that, Mike P been handling his business and has not been smoked for a while, Mike P been the one smoking people if you don't know anything then just admit you won't know mike p been killing stuff lately I don't know who you been watching truth

  4. This was a BAD LOSS..If this was on the main stage, Saga’s mind, body, and soul would have died..we may have not seen Saga for a very long time


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