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MIKE P ON GETTING THAT NOME CALL & HIS THOUGHTS ON BATTLING TH3 SAGA HEADING INTO NOME X Mike P at Ultimate Madness Tournament After URL’s Ultimate Madness 2 announcements THE TEAM …


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  1. this mike vs saga is the only battle im interested in seeing and its the only one thats going to live up to the nome hype…the rest will be a let down this is the only battle that has the classic vibe not even surf vs lux cause that should have been done or daylyt vs roc thats an easy win for daylyt and an easy win for lux but mike vs saga is the only battle where both have been consistent no chokes no jerseys no controversial bullshit it will just be pen vs pen and thats what battle rap needs to get back to the rest of these battles will be 50% gun bar filler bar filler bar gun bar and the other 50% will be their opponent bored with their basic bars they view it as a waste of time to even perform at their highest level possible except for mike p vs saga


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