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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. Swave Sevah is a kune, but Ike P is a kune, kune… Never forget, Ike P's punk ass was willing to fight Ryda because what Ryda said in his battle with Mike Privilege. FOH! I swear Ike P is a clown for that…

  2. Tell the truth bro u know ur my guy been supporting since day 1 but u gave him this battle and I wish u didn't.ur heart was home not there and ur real fans know it..bills so trash would have u gave It to some one else tho bro and sure he'll not ryda bum az..

  3. honestly, this isn't the deepest angle!! If Mike P kept a poker face in the Ryda battle, and then came and smoked Bill this isn't even a talking point, but what we learned is that Mike P has ZERO defence. You can't survive forever in battle rap if you ain't got no defence

  4. Bill 2nd took him out the game!!! I agree wit bill in His interview he had with unc. I do believe mike had a 3rd, I just think bill 2nd was too much for him and made him not wanna rap anymore!!! Mike p posture that whole battle was off from jump. And I believe mike won the 1st also!!


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