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  1. There’s many more of me I did not tell you, I love to be honest of myself which i did not mention. I was once married to a Jamaican woman that was in 1982, we had a relationship for five years, she was not a landed immigrant, I sponsored her but she walk out on me after i got her sponsorship she was from Spanish island i was an Professional Painter and she was a stay home person so whatever money i make goes to her, one day I got a job to paint a house far out of the country and I said to her, Dorothy I am coming in late, and do not prepare anything for me, I came home around 2 am, as I was about to enter my buildings I was met by the super telling me my wife told him that she is leaving and we were not married and she took the furniture and he change the locks for my apartment, I said to him who signed the lease, which is me and cannot change no locks, I then called my lawyer and he said he will call the police and I must wait for him and the police, eventually I got back the keys, as I enter my apartment I was in shock, she took all my furniture all the food in the freezer and Hubbard my bed and left my phone, later I took her to court, the judge said to her she can be deported back to Jamaica, but I told the judge to let her stay which was granted, I felt sorry for her and let her stay, we are finally divorce not, at this I don’t know if she is alive or dead, since I never found a woman, I lost trust and faith of women,. I grow among Jamaican people I have lot of Jamaican friends and visit Jamaica once, Montegaa bay, Manchester, Oortland and Saint Ann’s, I love your country, I am originally from Guyana and.being residing here for over 38 years, I had a business in painting, a Prifessional Painter for over 50 years but give it up, went to school of educating myself more and later decided to create a business in fashion and much more as you can see, love uuuthe first person I met was Jennifer Lopez, she is one of my best friend, she has inspired me a lot and always keep in contact what you see on my website is the friend I support love, follow me love I am here for you I met Megan Markle and Prince Harry and many more Royals and important people.

  2. OS. I have brothers and sisters in Canada and abroad niece and nephews also ❤️❤️❤️


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