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MK404 Plays Fire Emblem: The Road to Ruin [FE7 ROM Hack] PT1 – Aksum Rangers[Prologue]

FE7 ROM Hack by Primefusion:
Recorded on January 18, 2020
I have a Twitter:
Mel’s with me, Kris joins in a bit later.

The FE ROM hacking scene has seen so many developments over the years, and in the wake of all those developments, names are born and made. Names can shine, but can also fade over time. Many big names have had plenty of time to shine in their day, but can also very easily burn out as the landscape changes. It can be a vicious cycle.

The Road to Ruin – Primefusion’s baby that came to be in 2011 – was almost a victim of the changing times, but managed to power through in the end and come out strong. A project that got its start as a sort of spin on Elibean lore with FE7’s characters, it eventually turned into an original tale about one young man’s rise to fame as a mercenary captain and his buds who support him as they bop around on the wrong side of a misguided war. It got through at a moderate pace for a few years and showed plenty of promise, but then once a patch that covered the first act ended, things went dark for a while.

Prime kept working on RTR in silence, doing moderate overhauls to the story and map design, though he would sporadically update a few times in the interim, until some time in 2017, where he reemerged from the ether to share the completed work with small, but welcome fanfare. Even if that was only a few years back now, completed FE ROM hacks were still very few and far between, so to have another one suddenly join the ranks of the Finished Works Club™ was quite a shock.

The Road to Ruin is a fairly humble game, like Order of the Crimson Arm. It does manage to do a number of cool things – having custom world map events and map palettes for starters, things even more recent hacks still seldom approach – but it doesn’t try to go big. It clocks in at 20 mainline chapters with just a Prologue and only a few mandatory side maps, but also features 6 Interludes, story-only chapters that help enrich the lore of the war on Pandosia at large and delve deeper into the main cast.

Our story begins at the edge of the country of Aksum, where they’re under attack by the neighboring country of Sybaris. Sybaris’ influence on the continent has waned in recent years and some of its soldiers have taken it upon themselves to remind everyone that they used to matter – with violence! We follow Vance Balcroft, a young lad with the face of Raven and the social skills of Ike, who leads a small mercenary team and is tasked with the honor of repelling the invaders with steel. Vance’s trusty mates do their given job without complaint, and they all seem like fair folk. I’d watch out for that Torie though, your pockets may not be safe…

They’d better keep a close eye on Vance, lest he finds himself going down the path to pain…


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