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Monster Train New Champions Explained * Little Fade * Friends and Foes Update

This second major update for Monster Train adds new champions, new bosses, new cards, and new artifacts, which combine together to add a significant amount of new strategic options and replayability. We’ve also added a number of frequently requested player features like a personal run records page in the Logbook, an enemy wave counter in battle, and a preview of the ring 3 and ring 6 bosses at the start of a run.

NOTE: for the Public Test Train, we are temporarily setting runs to always use the new bosses. When the update goes live, run generation will go back to normal and mix in the new bosses with the old. Also, all changes listed are still subject to change before the update officially launches.

You are welcome to join us for feedback and discussion on the official Monster Train Discord server in the #public-test-train channel.

How to join:

Make sure Monster Train is not running
Right click on the game in your Steam Library
Click “properties”
Click the “BETAS” tab
In the dropdown menu, choose “public-test-server”
Press close and wait for the game to update

Major New Features:

NEW CHAMPION – Shardtail Queen from the Hellhorned clan. Her starter card is the Queen’s Impling.
NEW CHAMPION – Wyldenten from the Awoken clan. His starter card is Rootseeds.
NEW CHAMPION – Solgard the Martyr from the Stygian Guard clan. His starter card is Forgone Power.
NEW CHAMPION – Primordium from the Umbra clan. Its starter card is Plink.
NEW CHAMPION – Little Fade from the Melting Remnant clan. Her starter card is Primitive Mold.
NEW BOSS – Talos, the Architect at the third ring of Hell. She attacks before the Relentless phase and her strikes give her benefits.
NEW BOSS – Archus, Darkness Incarnate at the sixth ring of Hell. He summons Darkshards, a new type of unit that you must counterplay to survive.
NEW BOSS – Seraph the Patient. A new Seraph variant that both attacks before the Relentless phase and applies Melee Weakness, a new status effect that increases combat vulnerability.
NEW ARTIFACTS – one new artifact per clan: Queen’s Tail, Emblem of the Exiles, Kinstone Totem, Shadowbox, Fade’s First Blade.
PERSONAL RECORDS – in the Logbook you can now view your personal run records.
NEW EXPERT CHALLENGES – 5 more Expert Challenges for players who have completed Covenant 25.

General Gameplay Changes:

New keyword: Phased. Phased units cannot attack, cannot be targeted, and cannot take damage in any way.
New keyword: Attuned. Spell cards with Attuned benefit from Magic Power at 5x the rate as normal. The goal is to increase late-game viability of certain cards.
New keyword: Melee Weakness. When applied a unit takes more damage from normal combat. It does not decay unless the unit takes combat damage.
New trigger: Rally. Triggers when you play a unit card on this floor.
Action trigger (previously called “On Turn”) is now used on some new player units. Triggers on the unit’s turn, before it attacks.
When playing with a random primary and/or allied clan and you restart your run from the pause menu the clans will now be re-randomized. (player request)
Shieldstone Damage Shield stacks increased 2 – 3.
Runestone Armor stacks increased 1 -2.
Removed the keyword “Enhance” everywhere to increase clarity. By default, Status Effects never persist across death in battle. Stat changes always do. No functional changes to any game mechanic were associated with this text change.
Stackstone now increases Ember cost by 1 in addition to adding Doublestack. This is our one big nerf for this update. Overall the data and feedback showed that this was one of the biggest ways to swing a run easily and as it was relatively easy to pull off we added this drawback to bring it a bit more in line with other upgrades. We’ll be keeping an eye on the results in the public test train and beyond and buffing any cards that seem to have had an outsized impact from this change.
Hope for Peace now only affects Spells to avoid common confusion with Monster Railspike.

Hellhorned Gameplay Changes:

Imp-pressive is Attuned.
Ritual of Battle Rage gain increased 8 – 10.

Awoken Gameplay Changes:

Sting damage increased 5 -10.

Stygian Gameplay Changes:

Titan’s Gratitude damage reduced 30 -25. The card is now Attuned.
Ice and Pyre is Attuned.
Crypt Builder is Attuned.
New keyword: Shard. Powers Solgard the Martyr’s abilities.

Umbra Gameplay Changes:

Feast now only triggers eating if there is a unit that can feed in the room.
New keyword: Buffet. Units with Buffet can be eaten more than once. Currently Primordium is the only unit with Buffet.

Melting Remnant Gameplay Changes:

Memento Mori rarity was changed from Rare -Uncommon.
Intent on Death rarity was changed from Uncommon Rare.
Paraffin Enforcer health increased 15 -25.
Mortal Entrapment Daze amount increased 2 – 3. The card is now Attuned.


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