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Hiii baby’s I was in NYC that’s why this upload is late but honey let me tell you 😌 when I say this subliminal is powerful I mean it !

I recommend using this with a beauty subliminal of your choice or a desired reality subliminal

This a subliminal to make you feel and look extremely beautiful basically to reprogram your subconscious into making you confident and feel like you’re a living goddess walking on this earth which money you’re 😌❤️

– Extreme confidence
– Able to speak to anyone
– Able to hold eye contact
– Immune to anxiety
– Always able to wear what you want and feel confident
– Extreme self love
– Negative people are immune to bringing down your confidence
– When you look in your mirror you see a confident goddess
– When you look at your self on camera you see a confident goddess
– Extremely photogenic
– People around you notice your confidence and beauty
– Able to post photos of yourself confidently
– Immune to overthinking about negativity
– Extremely motivated to stay healthy

– Your subconscious believes you’re the most beautiful woman to walk this earth
– Your subconscious believes you’re extremely confident
– Your subconscious is filled with positivity
– Your subconscious is immune to blockage
– Your subconscious is immune to thinking your unattractive

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