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Hi faves gang ♥️ Welcome back On today’s video I will be installing this beautiful unit from NADULA hair Every detail is right below Use the Special Code get …

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  1. This was such a great video to clear what transpired, it got lost in translation for no reason. I appreciate you and love your vibe. I have been watching your videos and there is nothing malicious about you using the accent and everyone knows you were not shaming anyone. Beautiful HAIR!!

  2. Someone just called me xenophobic for saying Gay man
    Apparently gay is no longer in use emhlabeni njani when we have LGBT which abbreviates G as Gay?? Aiii people likes attacking people just to block them when they defend themselves.

  3. Xoli, mntase, I started watching your videos pretty recently but this is my first time commenting. And I’ll add my two cents to this whole Nigerian accent “twar” thing (Lol this sounds so dramatic now that I’ve typed it).

    From my understanding with the Nigerians on Twitter who complained (and also my feelings on this, I’m half SAcn and half Nigerian) you doing the accent is NOT xenophobic. What’s problematic about it is the fact that South Africa has a huuuge problem with xenophobia. Especially towards black Africans. So context matters here because that is the reality of this cowntry of ours. Hell, I can’t even use my Edo name anymore because when I’m here because I’m so tired of the scrutiny and ignorant comments that that invites. So, you are a privileged person (for lack of better term) in this particular context because you will not face that kind of discrimination in this country. So when you “put on” a Nigerian accent for laughs, it’s problematic in the way that (think about it this way please. Idk how else to explain it) white people wear braids, out on a blaccent, etc, the VERY SAME STUFF that gets black people killed. They put our cultures on like a costume and then they remove it to continue with their privileged lives.

    My point here is, I know for a fact that this is not ill-intended but if you really do care about my people the way you say you do, please listen to us when we say that it’s VERY uncomfortable to watch.
    (Hayi, I didn’t expect to write an essay lol. Sorry it’s so long)

  4. Hey home girl , I love you and I enjoy watching your videos so much. You’re one of my favorite youtubers in the country. And to add, I love the Nigerian accent , it makes everything you say better and gives an effect. However, if people say , especially people from Nigeria ask you to not use the accent because to them it is xenophobia, I think you should leave room for introspection, even if it is not Nigerian people but people in general. If it is pointed out, before crying victim or being hated, please introspect. People don’t actually hate you. It’s either they don’t care or trying to get you to not continue do something they find offensive . Love you, keep the content coming


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