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NEW FLOORS REVEAL (Did We Ruin Our House?!) + Home Gym and Bathroom Renovations!

In this day in the life vlog I share some major home updates that have been going on. We put in new flooring throughout the house & I’m not sure if I like it or not.


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  1. Love the floors. I'm a beachaholic, shabby chic kind of girl. And your little man?!?! He is so darn cute! Beautiful family & know you are super excited for your little princess.

  2. Tell your husband to make his own YouTube channel. I love your dark floors and new floors your house is beautiful, I wish I can get my house floors done. I can’t wait to see the kitchen.

  3. I really love the new floors, Brit! I thought I wouldn't because I liked the old ones! But those new ones are pretty, bright! Your belly is beautiful! As for the gym, it just makes me so concerned about the kids, I cannot stop thinking about the danger, I would recommend to get your boy there, show him EVERY little thing, to end his curiosity, let him touch things with supervision of course, maybe play a little, and tell him that he is not allowed to get in there alone, never ever! I know I might sound super paranoid, I'm sorry, I really am, I refrained myself from getting a treadmill many times because of my kids (of course my house is small, so they'd get to it easily).
    Safety first! Love your house/family vlogs! ❤️

  4. From an interior designer perspective – the light flooring works better with the simple gustavian style (simple neoclassical style) tend to be a bit scandinavian style of your house

  5. I love your new floors but I also really liked the dark wood floors. I do think it looks a little odd to have the light floors and then the stairs with the dark wood.

  6. I agree with what others have said about how darker area rugs may be needed to ground the room. I also think you’ll end up wanting to re-paint the walls so they compliment the floors more. On camera at least or maybe it’s the time of day lighting, the walls read as more of a cooler gray with blue undertones and seems to be fighting a bit with the floor tones. But overall the living area does look brighter and more modern. And if you have less work and peace of mind re: cleaning and appearance it’s a very successful change.

  7. A beautiful choice on the floors, Brittany. Go ahead and spend the money on the lovely tile for the bathroom. You'll regret if if you don't get what you love


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