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NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS…?? | Milani Screen Queen Foundation (WEEKLY WEAR: Oily Skin Review)

I’ve been wanting to try out this foundation from Milani ever since it first launched, and thankfully I was finally able to get around to doing so with you all!


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Comment (17)

  1. Cassie you should do a video about Pūrlisse BB Cream apparently it’s fantastic 🙂 hope you see this
    Would like to see how this Bb Cream holds up

  2. I have the most random question, and it’s honestly just a curiosity, I followed you through your art degree journey (Ik there’s probably a better way to put that) and I know YouTube is your job, but do you do art stuff on the side? (Ik make up is an art as well ) it’s okay if you don’t. It was just a curiosity.

  3. Just watched a Dr. Dray (dermatologist). She REALLY discouraged beauty blender (all makeup sponges) usage. According to her they harbor microbes and fungus that no amount of cleaning gets rid of. I battle acne and am throwing mine out to see if I notice a change.


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