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NEWERAPODCAST presents a Full Breakdown for #NOMEX and Predictions for each Battle going down July 11th on Caffeine. TSU SURF VS LOADED LUX …


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  1. The disrespect to Mike P vs Saga is crazy, honestly this is why you don't have new stars cause you and fans don't give chances for niggas to show out on the main stage smh

  2. My heart is saying beloved 3-0, we know surf don’t be killing people but dude be straight fire and he always makes these battles competitive at the top level, another thing that people don’t realize is in lots of surf battles he tells the crowd to stfu n don’t give reactions, that no reaction surf may go crazy, but the X factor of this battle is will we actually see grey hoodie lux for 3 full rounds , lux may also be sitting on material from the two on two he had for surf as well… if we get what we expect from these two dudes we may be watching the battle of the year this weekend. I never bet against beloved so fuck it beloved 3-0. Grey hoodie season !!!!!

  3. What fatboy on lol, dude only talked about time clocks for 1 round and lost that round, he got Verb up outta there the first 2. Unless men calling other men cumquats(pause) or Ben simmons being scary with a jumpshot is the type of bars u into, then salute to that man


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