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  1. Mike P 3-0 Saga: Saga messed up his biggest battle of his career this is a stock dropper for sure Main Stage Mike made his presence known give him the plate he deserves once he wins Ultimate Madness 2
    Aye Verb 2-1 edge Geechi Gotti: Very much preference both came with it I'm not arguing with anyone that has Geechi winning both men deserve their flowers they came with it
    Daylyt 2-1/3-0 Roc edge: This word is thrown a lot but this battle was the true definition of a CLASSIC this was the best Daylyt I have EVER seen Dracula Roc went crazy that needs to be on the App ASAP
    Lux 3-0 Surf: Huge HUGE let down extremely disappointed in both battlers Lux did ok nothing special Idk what was going on with Surf but he messed up a big money battle this has no replay value

    Performance of the Night: Daylyt
    Battle of the Night: Daylyt vs Tay Roc

  2. I had roc 21. Erytime lyt went to space i didnt expect roc to keep up and he literally was on his ass the whole fight. Defiantly classic. Maybe top 5 battles all time. Defiantly top 10

  3. No excuses, let's keep it real, I gave Lux the battle for the stumbles. Material wise both were on par with each other. The time thing is on Lux, contract says 3min, then two weeks before battle Lux says let's do unlimited. Then makes the other person look like shit when Lux already prepared for 5+min. Then when he gets time called on him, he plays the whole oh why you gonna stop me… the contract said 3 gave you extra and still didnt blow minds? Come on be real.

  4. No slight against jey the night wing I trying to to get why hes this far in battle rap…he was supposed to loose!
    Fonz went the way he was supposed to!
    It was a very lackluster battle!
    Saga was very very disappointing seeing he had lots to offer to other battle rappers ,mike p did his numbers!
    Verb was super lyrical as usual and Gotti came for war but was just ok !
    Roc vs day = incredibly very important that we continue to encourage people to pay attention to that battle!
    Lux vs surf = lackluster material = disappointing performances from both=lux needs a warm up battle ( hes the most lyrical battle rapper ever) this performance was held back! Surf is way too good to be mediocre ,whenever he spits again he owes the fans much more!!!
    Overall Grade=c+

  5. Vada dickeatin his ass off keep saying only daylyt get off yo knees roc won 2 1 day material was aite but not good enuff for him wen people brag on how good his pen is and he SAT OUT FOR 3 YEARS he supposed to clearly smoke whoeva stood in front of him and roc snapped


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