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  1. Lux angle was better because he broke surf down saying he wasn't a new error Battle Rapper he been in the game for 10 years plus that round he was talkin to Surf soul

  2. Surf said somewhere going into the battle that he got $75,000 to battle Lux. That wasn't nowhere NEAR, a 75k performance. He HAS to battle John John, Math, Cortez, JC, and whoever else he tried to shit on before hand. Goodz would straight up embarrass him. On to Saga, that Covid Cop he brought to the venue should've arrested his ass after that first round.

  3. Daylyt pacing and breath control in the battle was incredible in itself. For every 4 bars everyone raps, he was rapping 8 bars flawlessly with no stumbles nor water breaks. If people understood how difficult that shit is……

    Mind you, he was also rapping in layers. He did everything from entendres, gun bars, name flips, schemes, angles, etc. He had one to two liners that could've been haymakers on their own. Even when he paced early in the third round, he went straight into the rapid fire pace without hesitation. I know Loaded Lux didn't take Tsu Surf that serious; but he is going to have to reach another atmosphere if he wants to beat Daylyt when they actually battle.

  4. "…Daylyt did so good, it makes you not acknowledge what Tay Roc did…"

    Daylyt got Roc clean the eff outta here all 3 rounds (my first watch). This is my only disagreement with the recap of the recap.

    Roc did the damn thing though, but Lyt shows there's levels..


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