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  1. JC is the best pg ever.. Remember,,Shine smoked JJDD on the Redemption card,,JC had smoked Caustic,, beat ⭕, AND beat Young Ill after the Pgs

  2. He’s a rookie on URL just like a professional basketball player can play overseas for 3 years and then come to the nba as a rookie. It’s a different level of completion and he’s a rookie at that level.

  3. The counter writing that tay roc did, did NOT take away form his round at all tho. It wasnt even a dropped ball or awkward. He basically said it fro everyone in the future. and it wasn't even dry. The bar literally HIT in the building "They couldn't move anywhere with that piece without paying, Monopoly". yall drawing that talking point out because it didnt even matter in the battle fr fr


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