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NOME X : THIS WILL GET ME BANNED : URLTV sells out ? / TSU gotta get this Work / DARK BLOGS.

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Comment (12)

  1. Roc and daylyt was EASILY botn even if u had lyt 30 roc still did amazing
    Geechi and verb went crazy to it comes down to the first round with that one

  2. Calling em exactly how I seen it. Just because roc did enough to not die does NOT mean we have to give em a pity round. He was outclassed. Verb 2-1 1st and 3rd. Love geechi but he just didn’t win this one and I wasn’t feeling how geechi biased black and henny was. They spent no time giving verb credit. Surf was terrible and lux was rambling for 6 minutes a round.


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