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  1. 2 things. One, it was mad disrespectful that surf didn't make the faceoff. It was a disrespect to the fans and to Lux. I could tell Lux wasn't feeling that either. He wasn't willing to finesse it or just go through the motions. I'm a Surf fan too but I think Lux gonna go Krazy tomorrow.

  2. a large room with less then 20 people in it sounds really bad if u ask me. all that reverb where is it all going to?? something tells me the sound is gonna be jacked but i hope im wrong. im not sure if anyone is prepared for this setting

  3. Caffeine is a multi-million dollar company that has invested in URL. To capitalize the most from their investment, they believe that using their in-house production crew is more beneficial than having an outside entity. URL knows Avo, caffeine doesn't, its business, There is nothing personal when it comes to business. This is why URL has not been performing how they should have been these past few years in regards to battlers choking and no-showing. They are friends with the battlers and they shouldn't be. This is business. Avo will be fine, production companies are one of the few business that have actually had an increase in business during the pandemic, everyone needs content, content is king. Business is a cutthroat game, adapt or get left behind.


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