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Nu Jerzy Twork URLTV statistics


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  1. Caps really done came home and hit the ground running with the content and the TOUGH TALK! Remember when HBK came back after 4 years off with the bad back and put on arguably the best matches of his career?!? SALUTE CAPS FROM THE MUD‼️

  2. If certain ppl battling i wont watch esp twork. When u lose they give them plates. URL been doin this bs. Remember when Smack told Surf he was good with 2 rounds? Smack has his favorites and he condones it on the low. If he didnt twork and ace woulda been gone

  3. You nailed it. He running around drinking , smoking and whatever else and his mind can’t retain anything. He’s just wearing a battle rapper costume, he not a real one.

  4. The reason that Danny and twork battle didn’t happen on the first day was because avacado called it off due to the lighting outside, not because twork wasn’t prepared, avacado said it himself

  5. What makes Twork A Star to URL eyes is,
    A – He's loyal to them as far as battling on other top legaues
    B – He provides Moments Not boring more then enough (The Vol setting is basically Twork stomping ground at this point)
    C – He has Celebrity eyes on him more then most battlers… more marketable slogans…

    They didn't care much about the chokin before because it didn't hurt his stock now it does so they gonna be on his neck


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