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Nu Jerzy Twork vs Danny Myers is FIIIIIIRE


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  1. Danny Myers 3-0. Twork first was good but 2nd and 3rd were gas. Danny snapped all 3. Easy body. Get Twork up outta here. Stop trying to "make" a star and let it happen organically.

  2. Yup, Twork doesn't prepare way ahead of battles and he hasn't been able to remain at a high quality like everyone remembers. NWX better help him before it's too late.

  3. Twork smoked Danny (The talent gap was on full display).
    B – Dot vs Saga was also a "grudge match", yet it was soooo much better. This was a cool one-time-watch…

  4. I got Twork 2-1. Gave him the 1st and edging 2nd (preference round) with Danny taking the 3rd. Both men delivered. Crazy quotables from both.

    Take off the Twork blinders. Y’all can’t tell me Twork wasn’t whilin’ this battle. Best Twork performance in a while.

  5. This battle didn’t happen on the roof because Avocado caught complaints, & sunset. That had nothing to do with Twork . I’m leaning towards Danny 1st watch.

  6. The question is, "Why is Smack URL not putting Danny Myers on the NOME and Summer Madness cards?" What is going on?

    I am looking forward to a Tsu Surf vs Danny Myers battle on NOME or Summer Madness. Let's make this happen.


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