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NUJERZEY TWORK HAVE FEW WORDS TO SAY ABOUT SWAMP, TALKS DAYLYT & B DOT SUMMER MADNESS 9??? Nujerzey at Ultimate Madness Tournament Round 3 THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF HHIR Knowledge The …


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Comment (19)

  1. Man twork need to be penalized for once… he is so unprofessional. Sad to see the greatness tarnished by bad business so often. NWX was supposed to help him grow up but it ain’t happened yet still

  2. Twork vs Swamp goes on the list if all time Chokes. You cant talk shit like the nigga dont belong then have the worse choke ever. Nigga don't call nobody else out bruh thats it

  3. Can you believe twork said he wants all of the smoke calling out BDOT. Twork really thinks we are slow. Get the fuck out of here take ace with you choke master Jersey


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