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O RED VS CHEF TREZ RBE'S MASK ON FACE OFF O RED vs Chef Trez RBE mask on event face off THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF HHIR Knowledge The God …


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Comment (37)

  1. Red isn't really nothing to Worry About Trez is Gonna 2-1 Red or 3-0 what is red proven to the culture he's a Steppin Stool for Chief to get to another Stage !!

  2. Y'all niggaz wildin in these comments about O-Red. When O-Red is focused he's a fuckin problem. Over the last few years O-Red has been in and out of battle. When he was wearing the quote unqoute "Belt" he was fiya. I'm going O-Red 2-1 possible Classic if that makes any sense. Chef Trez is dumb nice with pen and he has rebuttals.

  3. I got 2 roc wit (trez) let's go PISCES ( conceited Chico bean Bobby j Tim delaghetto yvng swag DeRay Davis santwon McCray Clayton English bow wow queen latifah ja rule Rihanna flavor Flav Erykah Badu method man rozonda Thomas aka chilli saga Vada fly k Michelle) 1s I no so far n entertainment


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