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Official talks Tay Roc and 40 Barrs


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  1. Now until the audio comes out. I'm over this shit, and I'm starting to think they setting Roc up. Let me explain…. They get Roc on the phone talking to an actual chick like Ms. Hustle or w/e. She speaking to Roc like she's about to come over his crib to give him some head and you get Roc responding like "hurry up before I change my mind" yada yada then they go back chop the audio , have the Transgender person say the same lines & bang there you have. So who the hell knows at this point I'm just tired of the capping, either have dead on proof of this shit or leave this alone and I'm a fan of both this dudes by the way, but I'm also a fan of fairness

  2. You putting smut on this niggas name. Sooooo you let you friend/fan make roc think he was talking to you and never corrected clay or tell roc. He catfish battle rappers with fake photos ect and you letting this go down? You let this happen to have an angle in a battle smh ..roc doesn’t like men y’all were playing him and mook is saying mannn he had to know that was a dude ..

  3. Wait. Isnt that worse. Roc sent a pic of himself in a weird ass pose or position …to a person whom he thought was a woman as if that would look flattering to a woman? That type of pic would look look flattering to a person who is into men.

  4. Came very close to saying Tay (and some dude) exchanged pictures. Baltimore has the highest rate of incest among African Americans in the country. Is easy to see how sexual dis-orientation could be a problem.

  5. Why would roc send pictures of his booty to o'fficial?? I have never heard of an email sending a female a picture his booty. Why would a female be interested in a man's butt??? Riddle me this!


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