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Pretty Little Thing Haul & Try On / Plus size & Curve

WATCH IN 1080p HD Hey everyone xx So in today’s video I try on a load of clothes from Pretty Little Thing, it’s definitely an interesting one so make sure you …

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  1. Hey i just wanna tell everyone who is reading the comments that you should never give up on youtube no matter how few views or subs you get. Giving up will be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. I know it’s frustrating to work so hard on a video only to get a few views and barely any comments but trust me, you will get there. I used to have only one person commenting on my videos and I almost gave up but I slowly started gaining more subs and views and now that I look back, I’m so glad i did not give up, and i hope you dont too. Im spreading the word to prevent people from giving up because I believe in all of you. We small youtubers need to stick together and support each other, lift each other up and encourage each other, especially during times like this. ❤️


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