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PSA Hip Hop and Battle Rap Bae Talk Editing in Swamp vs Twork Battle,Shine Vs Mook

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  1. URL stay talking about the "most respected" which they obviously are, but they stay doing fuck shit that waters down their brand and authenticity (To me personally). Yea they doing big business now, but at some point you gotta protect your brand. They look crazy cosigning Twork and trying to protect him after all the bullshit he's done.

  2. When are we as fans going to start showing URL that they are nothing without the fans. Just coz we love BattleRap don’t mean we should take whatever URL gives us. Enough of the fuckery.

  3. S/O to you 3 for putting Bae on your platform. And that ticket seller shit just sounds nice, URL could put anyone on the card the shit would sell out only difference is the speed at which they go.

  4. Yea 3 rap bae killed it i like da fact she see Swamp is authentically da South some people from down south or otha places otha den east coast sumtimes act like dey hav 2 act a certain way around a east coast dude but really us east coasters want yall 2 b yall self we wanna feel where yall from

  5. Twork battling Drugz as if it's supposed to mean anything to the fans that's disappointed in him for choking, stealing and recycling bars. Twork is one big fuck up.

  6. See.. just like they been sayin Twork ain't goin all in when it comes to being a "battle rapper"
    I've heard "if Twork got serious he would be a problem" more than I've ever heard anything like "Twork is doin his thing, Twork been his bag" that kinda shit.. I'm like ok so what does that mean then? He should keep gettin passes??

  7. BRB movin up Salute Remember I was ☝️ of ur first 50th Subscribers 47th to be exact lol Can’t wait to see what the future holds for u in this Culture..keep up the Great Work


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