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PSAhiphop Daylyt vs Tay Roc Nome X Recap Lux It's Time To See Daylyt

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Comment (22)

  1. tay roc did great, despite all that his going thru in and out of battle rap, a daylyt can,t beat a tay when he is in his bag we all not that, shout out to u Mr blogger thanks 4 all always trying to be objective.

  2. Tay rock that dude when he in his bag he chancing clips with a 12 gauge clips survived in shot back that’s the best battle you introduce someone never watch battle rap

  3. First watch my lyt 3-0. Next watch n on lyt 3-0 i edged the first to him but roc fought back he didn't die he just bleed to death

  4. Yall acting WAY TOOO CRITICAL,, reaching to be objective,, these DUDES made you raise your eyebrows with NO crowd and still gave ENERGY, way more than you ever have seen all quarantine,,, ( if you keep it 100. don't short change the dopeness)

  5. This was the best Roc pen work in his career period! That’s why it was a classic. Roc’s penmanship leveled up! The intricacy and complexity was there. Those other battles were more performance with fire simple bars

  6. Daylyt 165 Tay Roc 141 . Highest scored battle of all time. As it stands
    Day 165 Max
    Tay 141 Max
    Dna 120 Max
    LLux 117 Max
    Mook 115 Max
    Ars 114 Max
    Chess 108 Max
    Chilla 107 Max
    Will 105 Max
    Verb 102 Max

    Seems you can only hit these numbers in small settings and or unlimited rounds. So officially you need to really go toe to toe with an opponent to reach God Tiers and Roc just got in. Waiting to see what Hollow , Pat, Ave and Nitty can do in these settings cause they're currently max out in the 90s but haven't had small setting no crowd or unlimited opportunities. These settings really show who can rap with the best of them . Not many are that long winded . Surf was a prime example.

  7. Yes DROCULA was very direct and had almost no filler cause he wasn't appealing to the small minded crowds. He cut out a lot of filler. Him and Day are on top right now. Time for Mook and Hollow to come out

    Day vs Lux
    Mook vs Brizz
    Roc vs Top
    Hollow vs Nitty
    Ave vs Verb
    Pat vs Shine
    Chess vs Chilla
    Need to happen NOW with these settings . Unlimited , Small Setting, No Crowd.

  8. Yo 3!!! Watch that back, I was very in tuned and Roc was wigging fam. I think his pen evolved & his presence was different. I believe day gave him a Gentleman's 30, definitely NOT a BODY… TAKE THE RUMORS & DRAMA OUT FROM THE LAST YEAR WITH ROC. GIVE HIS JUST DUE…


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