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PSAhiphop Geechi Gotti vs Chilla Jones Recap

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  1. Mook is better at schemes than chilla by a mile because mook doesn’t walk me through it like chilla mook does it effortlessly which is the difference which why lux is the best pen because he punches but his delivery is smooth

  2. Chilla has Top 3 pen all time and is a Top 20 battler of all time. We have to give him his flowers now. Geechi is a living legend and is the epitome of evolving and perfecting the craft. He's on the route of being the greatest to ever do it.

  3. It’s cringe how hard chilla gotta go in order to get a reaction . I know it’s on the roof but for “SOME REASON” when the “cool kids” battle on the roof or the small room it’s always a bigger crowd which is wack . Just like Twork vs swamp.

  4. Yo 3 I love your side bar moment. Yeah Chilla’s Pen/ Scheme is A1. Just cause Mook started it doesn’t mean he mastered it! I’ve been saying this for years 3. Thank you !


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