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PSAhiphop Get Well John John da don,Get Well Ave,And Nome x talk

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  1. I wouldnt care if they postponed this event not like we paying for anything. Theres shit more important than battle rap. Shit is entertainment.

  2. You not low tier and you speaking facts on what's going on now but that shit you be on towards older battle rappers like cass and jones is mad corny and disresctful. It's like you hate to see a come back story or you disregard everything a legend in the culture did i guess because they took a break. Then you paint this narrative that if u support a legend you d ridin which is false. But your message today is on point

  3. Agree with you 3! At this point I’m thankful for whatever it is the brc produce during this time knowing when everyone should be looking after their love ones they still take the time to give us as fans some entertainment. So yeah if they choke mess up whatever yeah it would suck but they didn’t have to do this and give us entertainment so blessings positive vibes, thoughts, energy to the brc!

  4. Salute 3. Much love for this video. Shit is really different on a whole for the world. I feel they should postpone the event but URL got the Caffeine Machine behind them now. It’s different

  5. Word son, prayers up for the guys man. Hope everyone diagnosed or under the weather get over that mess and everybody else stays safe out there. Even y’all in the comments and u too 3! Word


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