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PSAHiphop: How and why Fabolous got smoked by Jadakiss During The Verses

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  1. “Why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets” he didn’t even have to go there, or show discipline, rite where u stand, shit he could’ve gone throwback with usher. Too easy

  2. Ass a fan of both .. fab just held back and paid homage to his homie .. fab let kiss use lox songs ,verses and pretty much had to let Jada do that because commercial songs Jada wouldn’t had stood a chance .. if you watch any other battles it’s just straight songs

  3. its nobody other than Jay that can compete with Kiss lyrically and on versus….
    Fab has Bad Boy hits Lox hits, Ruff Ryders hits, solo hits….
    plus kiss has that voice…
    he was never going to win that….

  4. Jada embarrassed Fab n imma Fab fan he bullied Fab..shyt was cringy but afta watchn 2nd tyme it ain look tht bad as it did watchn live but Fab dj was hella wack. Fab music was so soft compared 2 Jada i fukk wit Jada 2 this shyt showed how underrated he iz

  5. Hollllllld on 3, I can’t listen to this vid n hear u say 6 minutes by Budden and Stack bundles as if Fab was on the same track… was Jae Millz, Stack and Joe…on the original it was Fab, Wayne and Cassidy….I know Cass did u smoove bout a year ago but don’t be a hater like that…as much as I love the Budden version, the Classic was HARD!!! Shout out Cass…*flips to diff vid*

  6. Beautiful event. Jada got more bsngaz. But also Jada is the BigBro. he been around longer. Kiss felt confident before he left the house. Kiss whispering to DJ, to switch up on 1 joint or 2

  7. I was disappointed in fabs showing…he didnt come battle ready. He had way more to bring to the table and chose to let the "party" dj pick joints for him. And kiss played a somg he ghost wrote on…wtf…all in all i get kiss winning but fab but it coulda went either way


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