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PSAhiphop Jadakiss And Fabolous Recap Jada Washes Fab

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  1. Would y’all agree with me if I Say out of the Lox Styles has the Best Solo album to come out of the camp “Gangster and a Gentleman” ??? What y’all think ? By the way this Verzuz battle was the most fun I’ve had watching any of these battles ! We were all cutting up on Twitter !!! Loved it !

  2. Who honestly takes theee battles this serious??? Lol foh…first of all the 2 opponents are playing songs one after another we done already heard , and both artists at the time weren't writing as if if they where competing against one another….yes jadas street shit crushed what fab chose to play but is it really a battle??? Shit ain't that deep fam lol if they actually battled each othet on the spot with new material or versus we never heard head to head it be different but this is just 2 people sharing music amongst each other ….really ain't about shit lol I guess it's easy to entertain niggas and have em hype about bs

  3. Jada smoked him he didn't even play why, times up, the nipsey and NeYo joint and many more and I knew Jada would win because he was always the better spitter even on their album together

  4. Fab is a chill dude he showed kiss respect. Kiss was drunk and doing to much over talking ppl cracking jokes then saying this is not dancing with tha stars but right after get up there and start rapping his songs lol. Kiss won tho but fab wasn’t with all that bs kiss was on it’s a celebration not a competition kiss!


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