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PSAhiphop Swamp Recaps His Battle vs Nu Jerzey Twork and Talks Battling T Top

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Comment (27)

  1. Swamp is showing the same consistency as geechi. His stock is rising fast, preparation and consistency beats talent. Twork has talent but that’s it no preparation or consistency

  2. Nice interview I was mad before cause Swamp wasn't on the tournament but he beat Don Marino, Ace so they guy would be able to have revenge!!!!! I don't know how fast Swamp write but two week prep is not much time. More then one top tiers refuse to battle Geechi in one month prep.

  3. I never like twork. He just do alot of yelling. He will have a few bars but his style is what people like. Tbh he dont even rhyme his bars. Being over aggressive dont always work when in front of a real one…Ace showing us that.

  4. Swamp won that 2nd round man. Watch that battle again Twork 2nd was gassed Swamp had to earn his in that room. 3 keep the interviews coming we miss these‼️

  5. The billboard and the gas station weren't going to affect swamp in anyway..if anything they were going to work against Twork and they did…they got into his head so much he felt he could do less and still win…boy was he WRONG

  6. I’m sorry but Swamp beat Twork 3-0. Swamp was direct with Twork all three rounds. Tworks round was tailored made for anybody he would be battling. Let’s stop with the pity round for Twork

  7. Swamp is the real deal…not just battlerap either..He has principles not found in a lot of these other dudes…He doing it his way! thas dope af! Swamptown!

  8. I, for the life of me canNOT understand what is so special about Twork. He has his moments, yes. But all the gas he gets is still too much. He and Surf are two of the most overrated battle rappers imo.

    They have habits of shortening their rds damn near on the regular. But Surf doesn't know when to STFU because he definitely talks way too damn much


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