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PSAHipHop talks Freddie Gibbs vs Jeezy and more hip hop talk

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  1. 3 yooo salute wit u givin Jag his flowers he been puttin in work 4 a wile n been makin betta music den Cassidy 4 a long time n da crazy shit is he spit fire but is very DIVERSE which gets slept on 3 glad u peeped dat

  2. Watson i neva felt Lupe like dat eitha n dont think he wooda fit in Slaughterhouse n Joell is betta den Lupe n wut Hov say "jus cuz u wear a kufi font mean dat he nice" lmaooo

  3. Wylin Watson has returned. If I already knew not to take him seriously, that Young Thug is better than Gibbs take woulda had me HEATED. Luckily I know he don't know no better. Lol

  4. The things that Watson is saying are totally irrelevant to Gibbs as an artist. You can dislike certain positions he has taken or whatever, but the idea that the writer of "Bandana" is not one of the best rappers out right now can't be judged according to all that shit. RZA has said much clown shit about police brutality and Southerners being stupid, and also has a sheisty business relationship with the Wu according to some of the other members. That don't mean he's not one of the GOAT producers


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