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PSAhiphop Ultimate Madness 2 Url My Thoughts And Predictions

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Comment (29)

  1. West West Y’’s too fuckin obvious ..EK vs Bar God can be change..if the battle rappers on the card intervene..cmon a 3rd time..If y’all battle rappers on this card let that battle go on ..y’all ain’t shit to smack.. but who” fuck that y they battling again..ain’t this the 3rd time? split these niggas up making us look like we scared of em..”one of y’all push thT angle..

  2. Reepha beating Glu 2-1
    Saga beating Holmzie 3-0
    Wavy beating Steams 2-1
    Bill beating B magic 2-1
    Franchise beating tink 2-1
    Loso beating Nunn Nunn 3-0
    Mike P beating Ryda 3-0
    Danny myers 2-1

    Saga beating Reepah
    Wavy beating Bill
    Loso beating franchise
    Danny beating Mike P

    Saga beating wavy
    Loso beating Danny

    Saga vs Loso

    Its going to be so close that it will be left to the fans to vote. The fans will vote for saga.

    Th3 Saga wins it all.


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