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Queens of the Stone Age live | Rockpalast | 2013

Setlist 1. You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire 00:00:00 2. No One Knows 00:02:39 3. My God Is The Sun 00:07:34 4. Burn The Witch …


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Comment (16)

  1. Hands down, this is their best recorded live performance.
    I listen to this show far more than their albums.
    The WDR/Rockpalast producers did a little something extra special for today's live stream. Can't put my finger on it yet…the overall tone seems richer.
    Sounds like the bass, drums, and piano were pulled a bit closer to the front.
    Just amazing!

  2. I really like this show. Its a new version of the band and it feels like they are getting to know each other… building trust… and they know it's working. They aren't just blasting it out. They are *playing* like a band.

  3. Can any drummers explain why Jon Theodore just never hits or even comes close to working as well as any other drummer they've ever had?? Please don't say he's handsome.

  4. The queens of the Stone Age are the kings of the random note insertion. Anyone who has any musical training at all can get into a queens of the Stone Age album until the first change… When it completely changes key for two out of the five notes in the rift


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