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Randy Orton vs. Tommaso Ciampa At WWE Summerslam [feat. Queen of the Ring]?! WrestleTalk Podcast

Randy Orton vs. Tommaso Ciampa At WWE Summerslam [feat. Queen of the Ring]?! WrestleTalk Podcast Watch us on partsFUNknown!


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  1. Alex is awesome. It's great to see her on the channel, as well as this push for more female voices. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm bummed to not be getting the pairing of Luke and Adam every week anymore, though. I think they worked really really well together, and the Friday shows with them were something I looked forward to! That being said, though, I want to reiterate that Alex is great, so this is not meant to be any shade on her at all!

  2. Alex would be a perfect addition.
    Ive never seen someone so passionate about women's wrestling and i think she can look at and appreciate women's wrestling in a way that you guys or me cant. Not to say that you guys hate women's wrestling but for some reason in the back of our minds it will always be secondary to us but not for her

  3. This in my opinion was poor, hard to listen to as so stilted and false. No chemistry (which is what will happen with random guest hosts) I think I’m going to have to agree to the person that said “go woke get broke”

  4. Man, I am loving heel Baley. She needs to keep hamming up her entrances. Bayley Dos Straps and Sasha, the IIconics, & Asuka are pretty much the only reason I am watching WWE.

  5. Backstory – I usually listen to the Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast, and not Wrestletalk podcast.
    These two have such good chemistry. I really enjoyed this podcast. I'd like more of this. Sidenote: I say not just becasue Alex is a woman or American or whatever.. I just think these two are really easily to listen too, and their chemistry is outstanding.

  6. Luke says: whaddya think about "so and so"
    Alex is like: oh, yeah, yeah, yeah they are the greatest, ever yada yada yada Everyone is fantastic and I can say yes to everything Luke says.

  7. Anyone know Where’s Adam been? I saw he did the most recent quizilrmania…. but it’s been two weeks without a list and he’s not shown up on a ramble in a while? Getting a little worried he’s not around anymore


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