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Redemption: the Chris Unbias story

This is a story of my journey thru the criminal justice system and all of the hardships that I had to endure. God Bless.


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  1. Thank you to everyone that took the time to watch this video. This is a very deep story from beginning to end. I appreciate the support and well wishes. Like/Share/Subscribe.

  2. Happy holidays,Chris I am glad to see you back. I tuned into Max V’s channel to follow your case for the past year or so. I personally would love to see you get back to battle rap blogs.You have my support. Also have you considered making a Patreon?

  3. Battle truth is on this man's head for some reason. He made like 3 3hour live streams about this dude and his situation. It's almost like he's obsessed with this dude.

  4. This was well put together. You can really feel the anguish and relief of the situation simultaneously. I know you probably won't get to this comment but I was really moved by this blog. The part when you were saying, look how much it took to get here has been the story of my life. A lot of us can relate to that. God Bless Bro…

  5. We don’t won’t to hear you talk about nothing but the culture bruh. You need to be standing besides jay blac hosting those caffeine events. Glad you’re innocent in all of those allegations. You’re still battle rap royalty.

  6. Dawg this shit weird. You felt the need to come back and explain your real life shit to a bunch of strangers over the internet. And come back and expose and address a bunch of no name ass lmao
    Man y’all niggas too old to still gossip about each other. Man we have some real

  7. Shannon the female needs to be charge since you're acquitted.
    You miss 3 years of your life not to mention the years away from your kids.
    I'm 36 never been in trouble until 1 day I helped someone with a disability.
    The person had a problem with swallowing, he can only swallow puree food.
    This person had a ball of paper in his mouth.
    I took the paper out of his mouth so that he wont swallow it.
    The lady called police on me and was charge with a assualt.
    I did 2 days for helping someone.

  8. Dam bro I been locked up I’m 5 x felon and I’m sorry for how I felt about u b4 watching this whole thing n that not feeling outta place feel when u can’t really be happy goes away after while I came home from the hole shit fukkd me up it 2020 n the last time I sat down I came home in 2017 n just found happiness


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