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  1. Its cuz you're too real for them man! Salute to you shooter, I might be late to this but I think it was your ave interview where he said he kept his ass. It might be a little deeper than what it seems.

  2. We know what Henny is doing. However… all of the bloggers are weirdos … respectively . Loso can curse and none of us ever better judge other Christians…we all sin. Bottom line tho PAY SHOOTA

  3. The fact that you WON something and yet you gotta sit on here and make blogs and shit.. make me feel bad being a battle rap fan.

    We spend mad money as fans on tickets, the apps, the individual artists and their albums.

    It would be dope as hell to know they fuck with us just as much.

    Plant a seed, fruit gonna grow
    Keep the seed, destroy the garden

    But fuck it. What do I know

  4. They hoed that boy. We really talkin $2500? Paying him that lil ass money vs this shit show seems like an easy and smart business move. And if this money is a problem, then shit there’s a bigger problem.


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