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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. Ace energy was false. He NEVER wanted it with Fonz. He was outclassed and emotional from getting checked outside and wanted Fonz to snap so it could be a draw or double disqualification

  2. that sign that ace doing with his thumb in a masonic. Sign it the same one' j prince to on his book cover….ACE has zero talent tryna bully anybody better than him That explains the politics in the URL

  3. Ike P I fucks wit you but that shit was 1-1 goin into the 3rd now tell me I’m lying?? And Ace 3rd was betta that Fonz but cause Ace did that bullshit then I ain’t mad that they gave it to Fonz

  4. Its all just not smart you already losing to people but you gone pick a fight with fucking Jjdd? Why would you try to battle him and he literally ends mfers? Then you gone make it a physical thing outside of battle rap to, then proceed to let that mess up your opportunity in your battle? So many L's


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