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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. Everybody wild. Homie uptown bust ma shyt with the skateboard…bro, where he at??? Chicago aint the only niggahz wilding we all need 2 do better period

  2. Yea chriaq is str8 TRIPPIN' , y'all should go check out my boiii "SNTV" , he from chicago and B shedding light on life in CHIRAQ and tryna steer tha young 1's away from tha skreetz!!!

  3. Blame the people shooting, not the guns. 48 people in 72 hrs, what's missing? The police! Chicago brags about how police dont even want to come into their towns because they are scared, and now they killing each other with no repercussions. Sounds like Chicago is getting exactly what they wanted, a non police state. Its war, then the people are gonna cry when the military gets sent in to start laying people down.

  4. Easy, when the cops got "Blue Flu" there were no cops around. They all took off work and went around shooting up neighborhoods. Chicago is fine stop letting the media regurgitate a false narrative. Same think happening in every hood happens in the hood in Chicago. Everytime blacks come together they always throw the numbers of Chicago out to compromise the energy. Ya'll more than welcome to come thru


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