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Rita Is Going Going Gone Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. The fact she STAY disrespecting this man in public on cam shows she dont care about him because if she did she would think twice about what shes doing. At this point it dont even have to do with how comfortable this man feels in his own skin it would be about how shes making him feel. Shes antagonizing this man at this point. This is 100000% wrong and if she dont get that then shes dumb asf. Respect your man. Realize that your man has an image and you go and do shit like this you're allowing men to disrespect him the way you do and not care about him and his feelings. I feel sorry for this brother because shes for the streets and he should have known that. She gotta go.

  2. Bruh listen for one as woman not just a woman but a black woman if my boyfriend/husband and I were apart of battle rap media I will not be flirting with them damn BR’s I would cut that shit “listen stop with the disrespect I’m a taken/married woman respect my relationship if you can’t give a professional interview I don’t want to interview you point blank period, so wtbs do you wanna do the interview or not?”….and after the interviews she needs to be walking to where some women are at hang with them or go sit her black ass down in the car it ain’t like the BR’s her brothers and cousins or something……anywho where reed at please tell reda “go in the car”


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