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Royal Wedding Reception | A Descendants 3 Doll Short Story Episode

The biggest day of Mal’s life continues! MAL AND BEN ARE MARRIED! Now it’s time to celebrate at the Reception with all of their closest friends. When Mal starts feeling trapped by the changes that are about to occur in her life, Evie steps in to comfort her best friend. However, during all of the chaos of this big scale event, Mal loses something that could ruin her entire relationship with Ben! Will Mal’s special day be ruined or will she finally get her happily ever after with King Ben? Find out in ROYAL WEDDING RECEPTION A DESCENDANTS 3 DOLL SHORT STORY!

Mal rocks a showstopping 4 Hearts gown on her wedding day! I LOVE the brand new Descendants 3.5 dolls! This Mal doll is cute… and the fact that Evie designed this dress for her makes my heart melt. I hope Hasbro makes more #Descendants3 dolls soon! Which D3.5 doll is your favorite?

Did you like Descendants 3? it was INSANELY perfect! I loved the third movie so much. I can’t believe it’s the end of the Descendants story! 🙁

Descendants is my Once Upon a Time

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Are you excited for the new #DescendantsDolls? #D3 is gonna snap.

Did you see the DESCENDANTS 3 FULL OFFICIAL TRAILER? Let me know what you thought about it!

Did you see Audrey’s Royal Return 💅🏼 I Short Story I Descendants 3 ? I did and I am literally so shook. AUDREY DID THAT.


Descendants 3 Tracklist:
Good to Be Bad
Queen of Mean
Do What You Gotta Do
Night Falls
One Kiss
Once Upon a Time
Break This Down
Dig a Little Deeper

What was your favorite Descendants 3 song?
Mine was Break This Down (From “Descendants 3”) but I also really loved Sarah Jeffery – Queen of Mean (From “Descendants 3”)

This video features content that is suitable for a general audience, but is directed at older fans like myself.


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Comment (36)

  1. Mal and Ben are just perfect for each-other I loved how you made the weding and you are amaizing
    Oh and descender before I go can you tell me in the replays wen are you gonna do the opening of the royal weding mal and Ben set thankyou bye❤❤❤


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