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Royce Da 5 9,Ransom,King Los Convo


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  1. When Royce was asked if he was going to respond in 24 hours he said "fuck no I got a life, I got important shit to do with my family and whatnot" and then proceeds to spend the next 3 days on various 2 hour long live streams…… damnit man….. Just rap B

  2. Man, Royce is looking crazy lately. And all these yes men ain’t helping. Btw why is Ransom talking down to Mickey when this man has zero impact in HipHop? I’ve seen reaction videos to mickey’s diss, hardly anyone knows who Ransom was when Mickey started rapping in his style. Son needs to humble himself

  3. The way y’all undermining Mickey factz is exactly why he got on track the first time. Making him seem like he’s nobody and little manning him. But he’s rapping tho and they not

  4. Its weird that people seem more focused on hating on Royce, really shows you what people are attracted to. Meanwhile even more than the battle itself, any Hip-hop head would be ecstatic just for the fact of how this is impacting the culture. That's even better than this specific battle. Every MC is coming out of the woodwork, OGs, upcoming rappers, battle rappers. Its alive, like it really lit a match. That's gonna be bigger than this battle in the long term. Damn exciting times to be a HH head.

  5. Ransom a fake bruh you didn't have that energy when Mickey was on live these niggaz looking corny af bruh still trying to downplay Factz like he didn't just cook Royce FOH

  6. Royce asked for the jump an then when it happens he like they jump me nigga stop u got punched all on cant take it still aint rap yet but talking bout these niggas just stop

  7. It’s funny how Royce has the whole BRC in their feelings because he didn’t follow an old hip hop tradition of responding within 24hrs. it doesn’t matter. At this point all eyes are on everything Royce does when these videos are being uploaded. I’ve been saying Royce is heavily sarcastic and comes off as unreadable to the untrained eye but he’s trolling super heavy!!

  8. Ransom and Royce buggin. Mickey went in. I read the comments. Mickey definitely got more praise. Royce got to rap. What is he doing?

    But one thing though I'll lose my shit if he got Em and one of the boys from Slaughter house. That would be insane. Just wishful thinking.

  9. Someone needs to tell Royce that these guys are not his friends. Period!!! He is out here looking like a damn clown trying to get some clarity. As a matter of fact he's being taken advantage of.


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