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RU BANDO RECAPS HIS BATTLE VS JEY THE NITEWING, EXPLAINS HIS 3RD ROUND CHOKE “THAT WAS MINES" Ru Bando recaps his Ultimate Madness battle vs Jey The Nitewing!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness Semi Finals …


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  1. I like Ru now but Jey saying something about the judges conspired to make him win no matter what f'd his whole head up. And he folded under the pressure of the "bright lights" when Jey left the door open in the third. Very shrewd to employ that tactic. Ru is soft but this experience toughened him up and he'll be fine. You wilted under the pressure nigga-okay. Lol

  2. That tactic was fukkin crazy!! Jey gave him the 3rd and he was over came by the gesture!!! This is fukkin spooky how dope JTNW is becoming….he will be the new king of URL

  3. Can’t say this woulda put u on that kind of pedal-stool. Mad love & Respect but He defo came to play w/u in the 3rd he made sure to have finished his material but that shit was MAAAD light.

  4. After all these guys showed they are here to stay they should do a surprise battle at Impact cuz they deserve a plate!!!!!

    teams: Ru & Lu
    EZBCap & Big Hann
    Default & Brooklyn Handz
    Krooger & Sihk

    &Thats no shade for BadNewz, Ace & Don but them mfs already gettin’ booked n shit lol they can battle each other…lol am I missing anyone?!

  5. If the Ru Bando that showed up in his Faceoff w/ Jey, his 2nd round w/ Jey, & in this interview is the Ru we get from here on out…Ru could have a bright future…Ru def won a lot of ppl over in the last week.

  6. I was legit on his side, that first was hitting, and when I heard the second I was like folks got this shit. He killed me when he lost momentum. All in all I'm officially a Bando fan. If he approach every battle with three of his second rounds from this battle HE WASHIN NIGGAS!

  7. Bando been smoking shit for a min, I’m like the only nigga to have Ru in the finals but nevertheless if he come like he did this battle minus the choke; he’s gone be smoking shit.

  8. Hold Ya Head Youngin……That 2nd made me a Believer

    He cuts the choking and stumbling out and He gone be a Problem I believe in Youngin's Potential go get urs !!!


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