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Ruining My Friends Days by Telling Them My Problems

I had a lot of problems to talk about today. So I called my friends and they were all so supportive and really helped. Not really. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.


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  1. You and tony should date
    I love how tony said wanna know what my problems are a lake of seeing you
    Comment and like if u agree
    I think that they would be an amazing couple

  2. okay so basicaly she has life 5000000000000000 friends that will answer her call and then theres me like sitting here with like 0 friends adn none of them asnswe my callls

  3. The thing is she likes tony and tony likes her and it’ll work but the other thing is Alan and she doesn’t want to hurt him and she doesn’t know what to do with tony and she thinks it’s a good idea but she doesn’t know. I think that’s it


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