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RUM NITTY THE NIGHT BEFORE HIS BATTLE VS CORTEZ ULTIMATE MADNESS "HE'S GONNA HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY" Rum Nitty after his Ultimate Madness Face Offs vs Cortez!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event …


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  1. JC RUM nitty JRUM Citty or Citty JRUMN drum city or city drumming team name blend (JRUM Citty vs lux Mook) (JRUM Citty vs guntitles) (JRUM Citty vs chilla b magic) (JRUM Citty JC RUM vs monstars suge twork) (JC RUM nitty Citty JRUMN vs A ward loso or A ward saga) (RUM vs conceited) (JC vs lux) (JC vs bill collector)


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