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Shooters (full movie) Directed by Antonio Spells “Official Movie 2018”

A Gang War In CHICAGO and its Effects on the neighborhood
Starring King danni , Shorty Savage , Avenue Elz , Cheeks Money , And Shay Rodriguez written by Antonio Spells & Rebecca buick

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Comment (46)

  1. They Smoke That Dayuhm Weed Like They Smoking Cigarette Shoot They Don't Know How To Smoke Weed I'ma Muhhfuhh Stoner Dawg I Know How To Smoke Weed Them Goofy Ass Clowns Don't Know how To Smoke

  2. I'm 9 min in n I know big boy (I think that his name) n the Avenue Cartel gonna let that Thoya loose on him… Did Mfr on sum beyond disrespectful type shit… Fucked up part is that's how it go down in Chi-Raq, same reason as my city(no disrespect) but these Young ass mfr's always tryna fuck mfrs from another click baby momma's, they all chasing the same custos as the Mfrs 2 streets over, and they get status and recognition for who ever the most disrespectful as humanly possible and have no regard for human life… They have the same view as level 4 and up prisons views on fist fighting… They Don't do it… Fighting that is. Most of you're higher level yards ain't no fighting really, they just put something all the way through you're ass as many times as possible in the short time that they have B4 the c.o.'sstart throwing bombs and shooting 12 gauges with non lethals n tear gas. Some prisons only have real full metal jackets out of a big ass rifle and at orientation they tell u they Don't fire warning shots n they shoot to kill… I got of on a tangent. My bad. Point is our prison system is fucked up and these older cats got out and mfrs brought that I'd rather just kill you rather than get my ass wooped … Smdh . I ain't even halfway thru, but I know if it's as true to life as it has been they gonna start dissing mfrs dead homeboys n lighting up mfrs funerals on that over retaliation tip…. I'm jus guessing but


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