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SMACK AFTER NOME X Tay after his NOME X Battle vs Daylyt URL’s Ultimate Madness Semi Finals THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF …


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  1. Daylyt gonna tell rum “ Imma Crip, i get the killin, i even show the crippin in my writing, kuz i Dump all K’s, they say you doing to much wid rum, I KNOW, i been drunk all DAY, ok, punch like goat, well i’ll knock a fella, you’ll get Infinity(nitty) punches, u’ll be gettin rocked 4eva”

  2. Get ready for 11 minutes of "nah meeeean! nah'm shay'n! you know!!!! completed the objective….. you know!…. you nah mean! at the end of the day…..! you know….. it it iiiiiiiiiiit! you nah'm shay'n!!!!!!!!"


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