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  1. Smack probably did say it before but it's different because it happened in every battle . Yo manager or ya boss can only be but so cool yall .

  2. You could have tell that he was salty after that swamp and Twork battle he went straight to the next battle he was very disappointed twork damn near embarrassed

  3. i say you get paid per round. if you slip up no problem if you get back to it but if you choke and stop… you lose that round and a third of you back end

  4. Smack said the same thing about all the chokes after the Summer Madness in London (I think it was 7) “I can’t eat that” but a battle rapper doing the promo for a battle & choking is better than not having the battle at all in Smack’s eyes. STOP CAPPING SMACK

  5. I hope Lux and Tsu are hearing this…a clean fire battle with clean fire rounds…and I ain't gonna hold you I am a big fan of Surf music so I think he bout to bark on Lux heavy…if you listen to Surf music you will hear it…he know he a lost nigga….and ….what else?

  6. Implement a "Jersey Tax" : A prorated monetary penalty that's deducted from the remaining minutes left in your round to be divided 50/50 between defending Battler and league owner

  7. Nigga sending shots at twork lowkey but let chess, surf, and countless others get away with it lol i understand the frustration though but let’s hold battle rappers in general accountable

  8. Smack big cappin. They’ll have this energy for an event or two and be back to booking these same choke artists with no penalty. Greedy mfs don’t even care about the product they put out.

  9. @jayblac1615 , you talking boxing and ufc standards in relation to battle rap….industry rappers is a better comparison. Battle rap culture needs to write its own book, the OGs already gave the culture the letters, the VETs invented the LANGUAGE and the ROOKIES just gotta write the story…. Knowledge The GOD said Twork won against Swamp ….. that should explain what the media role in this

  10. "Wild Filler" has just entered the chat

    Nah i agree with too though but yea alot of these dudes gone be tryna freestyle instead of chokes, hopefully they dope but alot of em ehhhh lol

  11. Whomever has had a history of choking shouldn't even be on big cards til they prove themselves ready for that stage…..keep cats in the proving grounds until they show themselves worthy…..


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