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SMACK KEEPING IT 💯 ON HIS INFLUENCE ON BATTLE RAP Smack after the Ultimate Madness Face Offs!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event In-between …


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  1. Smack, there is a difference between respect and ass kissing. These dudes have no loyalty to you, and vice versa. What do they say behind your back? That's the true measure of respect.

  2. SMACK been waiting to get this off his chest lol. He deserve it though. But Surf sacrificed his 3rd round against Geechi and Jersey'd out. After the battle u said, "u got what u want from you." What type of crap is that SMACK? U making it so that the battlers are better than the league

  3. He didn't ask for nothing wow !!! He drove to their town and they got on his cam. How about yall made each other. No big homie. Drake put you on Caf. Smfh he talking bullshit

  4. Put more respek ok smack name he is a battle rap icon yes but it’s beyond battle rap for the Hip-Hop/rap culture in general he is a legend smack deserves a lifetime achievement award

    Smack is taking dudes straight off the block and giving them an opportunity to change they lives.

    Then the art the art of battle rap in its self he has kept that alive.

    Much respect to smack/url you a legend OG


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